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A developer collaboration suite for

Lightning-Fast Code Reviews

Stacking PRs

Automated merging

Flaky Test Suppression

A suite of developer productivity tools, inspired by Google. Scale your developer workflow for creating, reviewing, testing and merging code changes in large code repositories.

From startups to Fortune 500s, the worlds most effective engineering teams supercharge their developers with Aviator.

Stay on top of your PRs

Inspired by Gerrit, Aviator maintains a set of users currently expected to act on a PR. AttentionSet supports a smoother review lifecycle so developers can easily unblock changes waiting on their action.

Chrome Extension to track PRs waiting for your action within GitHub

Manually assign attention to yourself or pass attention to someone else

Works natively with MergeQueue and FlexReview

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Large dev teams + monorepo = slow code reviews and broken builds

Large developer teams mixed with monorepos results in a slow CI and broken builds.
Code reviews vary from 2 lines to 1000+ lines - all treated the same. Review responses are always slow.
Elusive, difficult to debug flaky tests from unrelated PR commits.
Merging new changes to outdated PRs resulting in build conflicts.
Build failures due to incompatible changes from multiple developers.

Aviator platform works with any build tool including Bazel, NX, Pants, Turborepo, or Gradle.

Free for teams under 15 developers

Built for Enterprise

Used in teams of 1000+ developers. Aviator is comes with security, reliability and scalability built in. We support on-prem deployments, exports to data lakes data warehouses, SOC2 Type II certified.

Real-time support over Slack

SOC2 Type II compliance

SAML-based authentication

What experts say

Loved by developers

Robert-Jan Huijsman
Founding Engineer,

We wanted strong guarantees in our developer workflow: every PR must pass human review and automated tests, and those tests must run with the branch completely up to date with the latest main. Aviator made it feasible to have higher standards for our CI while making the development process easier.

Enzo Biancato
CTO, TestRigor

Aviator saved us countless hours of engineering time. Now our engineers no longer need to constantly attend to their PRs because rebases are happening automatically.

Niall Paterson
Director of Engineering, Butternut Box

Aviator has massively relieved developer frustration in terms of having to constantly monitor PRs. It has given our team the confidence to "set and forget" many previously manual workflows - fantastic!

Chintan Parikh
Head of Compliance Engineering, Secureframe

Aviator has saved our team a lot of headache associated with merge processes. I no longer have to worry about insidious semantic conflicts that break our builds and drive development to a halt. Managing our main branch has become frustration free - our builds are always deploy-ready.

Brett Comnes
Software Engineer, Socket

Addressing flaky tests with Aviator has saved me hours a week, and in some cases saved me the entire week.

Daniel Padiernos
Senior Software Engineer, Health Catalyst

No more merge request anxiety - it set me free!

Byron Hambly
Senior Protocol Developer,

Aviator has saved us countless hours and avoided many source code conflicts where 2 or more simultaneous PRs have conflicts but pass CI independently. The Tari repo now moves fast, with multiple PRs per day that are often updated. Aviator's MergeQueue is the exact solution we needed, taking strain off of developers, reviewers, and maintainers. MergeQueue makes managing a constant stream of PRs as easy as "Hello World".

Bring your own CI tool

Aviator MergeQueue is CI-agnostic and can be plugged into any CI platform you currently use in your monorepo.

and more...
Our tools

Unlock productivity at every stage of the code lifecycle

Get access to a world-class developer experience every step of the way: from writing, testing and reviewing code, to merging, building and deploying. Promote a culture of smaller PRs, stabilize flaky tests, or protect important branches from build failure.

Automate cumbersome merge processes

Monorepo: Merge into a monorepo without stepping on other developer’s toes with Aviator’s MergeQueue.

Polyrepos and microservices: Merge changes that touch multiple repos with Aviator’s ChangeSets.

Improve code velocity

Ship large code-changes in multiple increments of small PRs with Aviator’s Stacked PRs.

Use Stacked PRs to review code faster.

Manage cross-PR dependencies to keep things from breaking while you work.

Stay on top of flaky tests

Let Aviator’s TestDeck proactively detect flaky tests.

Automatically rerun flaky tests using smart preconfigured rules.

Stay on top of the biggest offenders with Aviator’s Test-Health analytics.

Monitor build systems health and identify bottlenecks

Understand the time it takes to go from writing code to deployment.

Keep tabs on build systems health and get alerted on anomalies.

Identify bottlenecks and improve time to production.

Effortless automations

Connect to your existing tools

Aviators automations connect with your existing toolchain. Integrate with any CI provider, any source-control system, and other tools. Aviator empowers you to automate across your developer toolchain seamlessly.

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