Why TestDeck?

Test case level visibility

TestDeck provides historical data at individual test case level. Using TestDeck you can easily pinpoint the most unreliable test cases and take action on them.

Quarantine or rerun tests

Using Aviator’s test plugin, you can control the test execution directly from the dashboard. You can specify the auto-quarantining criteria, or a criteria to auto-rerun any test.

Custom workflows with TestDeck APIs

Use TestDeck APIs and webhooks to configure your custom workflows. Create a JIRA ticket or assign owners. TestDeck also provides test health summary using Slack notification.

Integrate with your favorite CI

We support all major CI providers including CircleCI, Buildkite, Github Actions and Jenkins. Simple use one of our custom CI plugins to set up TestDeck within 5 mins.

Proactively identify flaky tests

Configure nightly jobs that automatically rerun the tests to identify flaky behavior proactively while you sleep.

SOC2 compliant

SOC 2 is a deep-dive audit, delivered in a final report, based on AICPA’s existing Trust Services principles and criteria. Aviator has completed a SOC 2 audit evaluated on information systems relevant to security, availability and confidentiality. Need a copy? Email: sales@aviator.co

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