Managing repositories with Git submodules

Review how to use Git submodules, some of the pros and cons of using them, how submodules are better than monorepo or package distribution, and a small tutorial on how to get started.

Dependencies for Helm releases in FluxCD

An example of a dependency between a backend service and a Redis service and how to set up and configure FluxCD to manage dependencies between Helm releases

Getting started with Terraform in DevOps

Software organizations that have started to adopt a DevOps culture should strongly consider implementing Terraform for managing their application infrastructure. Here’s how and why.

DORA metrics

Everything wrong with DORA Metrics

DORA metrics aren’t a definitive route to DevOps success. Here’s why DORA can make developers uncomfortable.

rebase vs merge

Rebase vs. Merge: Pros and cons

A simple explanation of how merge and rebase work along with some use cases to help you choose the best approach. | Blog