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Stacked PRs CLI

An open source CLI to create, update, review andmerge stacked PRs on GitHub. View source code.


A dashboard to track GitHub pull requests that need your attention. Improve code review velocity by easily unblocking changes that are waiting on your action.

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  • Up to 15 collaborators
  • AttentionSet (unlimited users)
  • Stacked PRs (unlimited users)
  • FlexReview
  • MergeQueue
  • Pilot Actions
  • Email support
  • Google SSO


$12 / month
per user
$10 / month
per user
  • Up to 50 collaborators
  • Everything in Basic
  • Multi-queue with Affected targets
  • ChangeSets - monorepo and polyrepo PR-groups
  • Basic Analytics
  • Pilot Actions


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  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Everything in Pro
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Security & Control
  • On-prem and dedicated-instance options
  • Net-30 payments and volume discounts
  • Dedicated Slack support
  • SAML / SSO Login
  • Security audits and SOC2 compliance
  • Custom integrations

Have questions?
We have answers

Do I need a credit card to sign up for the trial?
No, the trial period does not require any payment method. You can use the product risk free for the first 14 days. We will only start charging you after your trial ends, so whenever you are satisfied with Aviator, you can add your credit card in the billing section
How long does it take to set up Aviator?
Users typically are up and running in a few minutes, depending on the size of your team, you may need some fine tuning after initial setup. You can set up a free call with our team, to help you fine tune your config. Email us at for a free assessment call.
How do I know how much I will be charged?
We charge based on the number of active collaborators in your repository. Active collaborators are defined as the collaborators who have created a Pull Request and have used Aviator on their PR. You can review the count of Billed users in the Collaborators section of Aviator.
What is the difference between a collaborator and a user?
A collaborator is a GitHub user associated with the organization or repository. A user, on the other hand, is someone who has access to the Aviator dashboard. There is no cost associated with the number of users you have in your Aviator account for any plan, you only pay based on the number of active collaborators.
Can I change my plan after signing up?
Yes, you can change your plan any time. Simply go to the billing section and click the update plan button to select the right plan for you. If you are upgrading to a higher tier plan, the current due amount will be displayed on the page.
Can I deploy Aviator on-premise?
If you have stricter security requirements, you can set up Aviator on-premise. We support docker-compose and k8 configurations. It only takes 20 minutes to set up on-premise configuration. Request an on-premise license at
How do I cancel my plan?
You can send us an email at to cancel your plan any time.
Does it work with GitHub Enterprise self-hosted?
Yes. Aviator's on-premise installation can support self-hosted GitHub Enterprise.
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