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An open source CLI to manage Stacked PRs with Aviator. Free forever.

Queue and auto-merge stacks:
Use av pr queue to queue the PRs when ready to merge, or av pr dequeue to remove the PR from the queue.

Simplify code reviews:
Make changes that sync across all PRs seamlessly. No more fighting with merge conflicts across multiple PRs.

Increase code deployment:
Use av CLI to track the entire stack, and work on the next bit of code related to a feature without waiting for PRs to merge.

Enterprise grade stack-aware Merge Queue

GitHub MQ
Manage stacked PRs via CLI
Stack syncing from GitHub
Standalone code review UI
Reorder, modify and rebase stack
Stack aware merge queue
Sequential merge mode
Parallel Mode
Fast Forwarding in parallel
Multi-queue (Affected Targets)
PR dependencies within and across repos (Change Sets)
Flaky test support
Customize required checks
Support conditional required checks
Support wildcards (*) for required checks
Optimize CI runs
High priority merges
Custom actions
Stack-aware merges and syncs
APIs for PR and Queue status
Queue and dequeue APIs
Base branch pause
Repository pause
Customizable Slack Integration
Real-time support (enterprise)
Aviator MergeQueue

A personalized support that your team deserves

We’ll walk you through all necessary configurations to ensure that your MergeQueue is set up to work with your team’s specific infra and tooling.
A team-wide onboarding session to give them a conceptual understanding of the product
Real-time help via a dedicated Slack channel for any needs that come up post setup.


Have questions? We have answers
How does Aviator MergeQueue work with GitHub and my CI provider?
Aviator connects to GitHub as a GitHub app that can then trigger actions on Pull Requests. Aviator also has CI plugins to pull information from your CI providers.
Does Aviator MergeQueue work with self-hosted GitHub Enterprise?
Yes, Aviator offers a self-hosted version that can work with any public or self-hosted GitHub version.
How do you choose a merge strategy?
There are several configurations to optimize your merge strategy. Aviator walks you through some set up instructions when you sign up and generates a merge strategy. You can later customize the strategy as your needs evolve.
What do you mean by stack-aware merge queue?
Aviator also has an open source CLI for handling stacked PRs. This CLI is integrated with the Aviator MergeQueue to provide a seamless experience for syncing and merging stacked PRs.
How does Aviator MergeQueue handle flaky tests?
Aviator has built in merge strategies to handle flaky tests.  For instance you can specify optimistic_validation_failure_depth in our configuration to build in some resilience for flaky tests. There are also automatic reruns and automatic quarantining that you can setup using TestDeck.
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