Why stacked PRs

Break down the changes into smaller PRs that are “stacked” on top of each other

Simplify code review process using smaller PRs, and make changes that sync across all PRs seamlessly

Continue working on the next bit of code related to a feature even while waiting for your previous PR(s) to

finish CI

Stacked PRs support a more collaborative and efficient development culture in a software team. Read more about why we strongly believe stacked PRs are a game changer.

Why developers love av CLI

Powerful Navigation

Visualize your stack, and navigate across your stack using av stack tree

Split, fold, and reorder your commits. Delete and rename branches and modify

Easily create stacked PRs add them to your current stack

Resolve conflicts quickly

No more fighting with merge conflicts across multiple PRs.  Use  av stack sync to smartly synchronize stacked branches when making changes.

If there are merge conflicts, the resolutions are seamlessly synced to the child branches.

Manage PRs

Create PRs, coordinate code reviews without worrying about managing child-parent relationship. The CLI tracks the entire stack to smartly create and modify PRs.

You can also use av pr status to view the approval, queue and CI status in the PR.

Stack-aware merge queue

Queue your entire stack or a partial stack to auto-merge using our stack-aware merge queue. Simply use av pr queue to queue the PRs when ready to merge, or av pr dequeue to remove the PR from the queue.

You can also view the status of the entire queue using the CLI.

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