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Not all code reviews are the same

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How it works

To ship code faster, it’s important to improve team velocity collectively. By defining team wide SLOs, FlexReview creates a social contract between the author and the reviewer. Authors are incentivized to create smaller reviewable changes and reviewers are incentivized to provide feedback promptly.

FlexReview also treats each review uniquely. Some code reviews are simple and don’t require  much attention from a reviewer. Others are complex and require careful consideration. FlexReview suggests reviewers by calculating each developer’s domain expertise and evaluating the code complexity of the change.

This eliminates the need to specify fine-grained control and reduces the maintenance cost of the CODEOWNERS file. It also facilitates the expansion of the reviewer pool, accelerating the code review process and eliminating knowledge silos.

reviewer suggestions

FlexReview calculates the potential reviewer’s domain expertise and the complexity of code to automatically suggest code reviewers. It also considers factors like reviewer load, team affiliation, and past review patterns.

Smart code 
approval validation

FlexReview significantly reduces the number of required reviewers for low-risk changes and suggests the best reviewers to speed up the code review process. It allows PRs with minor changes to be merged without domain expert approval while ensuring each change still has one or more approvals.

SLO management 
for review response

Set code review response times based on code complexity, business hours, and holidays to optimize your code review feedback cycles. Manage separate Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for both inter-team and intra-team reviews while configuring automated actions based on SLO targets.

for PR management

Inspired by Gerrit, AttentionSet helps you stay on top of your pull requests by tracking PRs awaiting your action, passing attention to others without nagging, and identifying PRs that are getting stale.

Elevate Code Reviews For Everyone

For Developers

Faster code review cycles

Automatically identify the right reviewer(s)

Reduce average reviewer count per change

Attention Set to track PRs waiting for your action

For Organizations

Ensure the right reviewer is working on the right PR

Grow cross-team knowledge

Improve cycle time by improving feedback loops

For Reviewers

Reduce review load

Prioritize important changes

AttentionSet to track PRs waiting for review

Expand knowledge, reduce bus factor

For Platform Team

Remove the overhead of maintaining code ownership

No complex rules to manage

Track inter-team and intra-team code review SLOs

See how FlexReview can drastically reduce your code review time.

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Boost code reviews with smart reviewer assignment

Introduce flexibility to your code review process. FlexReview acts as a GitHub app that replaces thestrict  CODEOWNERS requirement by GitHub for merging a PR. It provides a status check that validates the reviewer approvals based on the configured rules.

Most teams see

24% to 58%

reduction in code review time
FlexReview works alongside CODEOWNERS

FlexReview can process an existing CODEOWNERS file and can work alongside it. When the file exists and the CODEOWNERS requirement is enforced in your branch protection rules, it suggests reviewers that would satisfy the ownership requirement.

Define SLOs

With the Service Level Objectives (SLOs) configuration you can set expectations and ensure timely reviews. Define criteria to automatically dismiss review requirements from the code owners if the SLOs are not met.

Multiple reviewers

With FlexReview, you can assign multiple reviewers to a code review based on the files modified. For example, for a very security-sensitive file, you might want to require approval from a security engineer in addition to an application eng.

Bypass reviews

FlexReview uses smart heuristics to detect PRs with minor changes. If minor changes are detected, FlexReview will automatically relax the owner's review requirement.

Note that every code change still requires at least one review to ensure the review process remains compliant.

Timezone aware reviews

Automatically assign reviewers that are in the active time zones when creating a PR. This ensures that code reviews can progress smoothly, even in global teams with different time zones and work schedules.

Audit logs

FlexReview provides detailed audit logs to track and monitor the code reviewer assignment process, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Manage Oncall Reviewers

Automatically assign reviewers who are on-call when the PRs are opened. Connect with your existing on-call management tool or set up schedules in FlexReview.

Review delegation

In many cases, reviewers just don’t have enough time to review the code or may not even have the full context to provide meaningful feedback.

In these cases, reviewers can manually delegate the responsibility to another reviewer, passing the approval power for a particular PR. The approval from this new reviewer will act as owner approval.

Detect OOO

Connect with Google Calendar to automatically detect who is out of the office and reassign their pending reviews.

Alternate reviewers

If the primary reviewer is missing SLO or unable to review the code changes, FlexReview allows you to auto-assign alternate reviewers. This ensures that the review process can continue smoothly even in the absence of the primary reviewer.

Onprem support

Additionally, FlexReview offers on-premises support, allowing you to deploy and manage the application within your own infrastructure. This gives you full control for stronger data privacy and security

SOC2 compliant

FlexReview is SOC2 Type II compliant, so you can be confident that your code review process meets the highest security and privacy standards.