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At Prodigy, it's not atypical to have a dozen or so PRs merged a day. The problem we were facing is that we would have automated checks that run on our PRs before they can be merged.

We were running into situations where you're ready to merge, but you're out of date. So you hit the update button, these automated checks could take up to 20 minutes to run. After running, you may find that someone else has also been waiting to merge.

There's the context switching of having to come back and wait.

We were looking for some automated solutions, and Aviator was able to provide that in in a nice way where you just tell it you're ready to merge, forget about it and it will let you know when it's done.

Chris Light

Principal Software Developer
Prodigy Education

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Used in teams of 1000+ developers. Aviator is comes with security, reliability and scalability built in. We support on-prem deployments, exports to data lakes data warehouses, SOC2 Type II certified.

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Robert-Jan Huijsman
Founding Engineer,

We wanted strong guarantees in our developer workflow: every PR must pass human review and automated tests, and those tests must run with the branch completely up to date with the latest main. Aviator made it feasible to have higher standards for our CI while making the development process easier.

Enzo Biancato
CTO, TestRigor

Aviator saved us countless hours of engineering time. Now our engineers no longer need to constantly attend to their PRs because rebases are happening automatically.

Niall Paterson
Director of Engineering, Butternut Box

Aviator has massively relieved developer frustration in terms of having to constantly monitor PRs. It has given our team the confidence to "set and forget" many previously manual workflows - fantastic!

Chintan Parikh
Head of Compliance Engineering, Secureframe

Aviator has saved our team a lot of headache associated with merge processes. I no longer have to worry about insidious semantic conflicts that break our builds and drive development to a halt. Managing our main branch has become frustration free - our builds are always deploy-ready.

Brett Comnes
Software Engineer, Socket

Addressing flaky tests with Aviator has saved me hours a week, and in some cases saved me the entire week.

Daniel Padiernos
Senior Software Engineer, Health Catalyst

No more merge request anxiety - it set me free!

Byron Hambly
Senior Protocol Developer,

Aviator has saved us countless hours and avoided many source code conflicts where 2 or more simultaneous PRs have conflicts but pass CI independently. The Tari repo now moves fast, with multiple PRs per day that are often updated. Aviator's MergeQueue is the exact solution we needed, taking strain off of developers, reviewers, and maintainers. MergeQueue makes managing a constant stream of PRs as easy as "Hello World".

Effortless automations

Connect to your existing tools

Aviators automations connect with your existing toolchain. Integrate with any CI provider, any source-control system, and other tools. Aviator empowers you to automate across your developer toolchain seamlessly.

Onprem support

Additionally, FlexReview offers on-premises support, allowing you to deploy and manage the application within your own infrastructure. This gives you full control for stronger data privacy and security

SOC2 compliant

FlexReview is SOC2 Type II compliant, so you can be confident that your code review process meets the highest security and privacy standards.