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Scaling a monorepo is really hard

Build management is a nightmare

Unstructured code base leads to long build times, complex dependency management, broken builds, and unreliable tests

Unclear Ownership

Unstructured ownership of services and components that leads to slows code reviews, zombie services and challenging maintenance projects.

Brittle deployments

hard to deploy confidently without clear visibility into what changes are impacting the next deployment in a monorepo. Release notes are also messy.

Hard to measure velocity

With so many separate deployments and releases, DORA metrics, code coverage tools also provide a very bleak overview. Getting a pulse on team velocity is really hard.

Let's logically break down monorepos

Think of a monorepo as a collection of repositories with interdependent components. Aviator helps logically break down the monorepo into these components and services, where each has well defined ownership and dependencies.

Merge code faster without breaking the builds

Use target based dependencies to merge code with dynamic queues. Keep build and merge times in control while maintaining green builds.

Service-based ownership model

Create service-based ownership. Define rules for missing owners and get a bird’s eye view of the entire ownership across the engineering stack.

Synchronize identity

Sync your identity with SAML and HR tools to track and audit the service ownership.

Distributed releases

Track the releases of each service separately in a monorepo. Automatically create release notes based on the dependency graph specified for each service.

Split Metrics by the team

Split DORA metrics, code coverage, tech debt measurement by the team or by each service.

Most modern companies like Airbnb, Stripe, Figma, Segment, and Doordash are already leveraging monorepos to elevate their developer experience. So why not your team? Integrate Aviator and level up your tooling to scale monorepos.

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