May 23, 2022

Announcing Aviator and our $2.3 million seed round

Developers are the builders in today’s world, but the ecosystem of tooling, insights, and optimizations that these builders rely on is still maturing. While the first generation of developer tools solved collaboration challenges at an early stage, they’ve fallen short as software organizations and codebases have grown increasingly complex. 

‍When we left Google to join the start-up world, we were amazed at the difference in the quality of developer tooling available to growing startups, compared to what Google engineers enjoyed internally. We saw that many teams were plagued with issues commonly associated with growing pains: long code reviews, flaky tests, complex dependencies, and broken mainline builds.

‍Today we're proud to announce Aviator, an internal developer productivity platform that helps you:

  1. Protect important branches on your source repositories from build failures
  2. Manage dependencies across Pull Requests
  3. Write code in smaller, incremental changes that are easy to synchronize
  4. Identify, take action on, and process results from flaky tests

Aviator is trusted by engineering teams across the world. From Fortune 500 companies to cutting edge startups to open source projects, our customers today include Bosch, Benchling, Lightspeed, the Tari Project and many others. 

‍We are also excited to announce that we have raised $2.3M led by Y Combinator, Elad Gil, AirAngels, and Xoogler Ventures with participation from 20+ investors including Shrug VC, Liquid2, GFC, the founders of Retool, Applied Intuition, Instabug and several others

‍And of course, we’re hiring. Come join us and help unlock the potential of developers everywhere! Apply here.

-Ankit, Spriha and the Aviator team.

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